Info Expats

Welcome to the At Ease site. Congratulations on the new challenge.

As an Expat you are going to temporarily settle in the Netherlands, perhaps with family.

At Ease specializes in the Eastern and Northern Netherlands. Idyllic villages and lively cities. Green environment with many sports options. Everything a short distance from the Randstad.

Good local and international schools. Rapid integration works in everyone’s interest. I know from my own experience how important a smooth and successful integration is.

My father worked as an Expat and as a family we went along if possible. It is important that everyone gets comfortable as soon as possible so that a home from far away can be quickly created.

At Ease can guide you in finding housing, schools, sports, finding who, what and where.

Various agreements will have to be made with official bodies such as IND, bank and applying for a Citizen Service Number.

Our personal extensive network is our distinctive character and will bring you a lot.

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