Info Relocators

Need a reliable partner in the East and North of the Netherlands?

At Ease has built up an excellent reputation over the years. Familiar with relevant Internet programs and regulations.
Flexible and result oriented.

The East and North are increasingly popular with Expats to settle down. We are very well known in this region and have a nice personal network.

We know the culture well and can refer it well to third parties. This beautiful area has a lot to offer and that is sometimes underestimated.

It is important for clients to have a good ally with local knowledge and network.

Good agreements are essential in this regard. For several years, At Ease has been working as an independent consultancy with various ARPN relocation organizations in the Randstad.

The workshop “Gezellig hé” is regularly in demand and is set up to promote social integration.

Where can I find who or what?

Customization is possible through At Ease's extensive network.