At Ease is an independent relocator who focuses on the Eastern and Northern parts of the Netherlands. The purpose is to support the Expats whilst getting settled.

At Ease is partner with a variety of ARPN Relocation Organizations.

My name is Danuta Hoek. As an Expat child, I have experienced this way of living in several continents, therefore I am a expert in this matter.

As an Expat you would like to be well informed on how to prepare for the assignment along with what is required during your stay in The Netherlands.

For companies and HR, it is nice to be relieved of practicalities and time consuming appointments.

Relocation organizations benefit from having a reliable and knowledgeable partner in the region.

My name is Danuta Hoek

As an Expat child I can empathize very well with what the Expat and his partner/family can encounter during a new assignment.

My father worked abroad as an Expat.

When possible, we went along as a family. We have lived in many countries such as Japan, China, Kuwait, America and also in Europe.

Many beautiful memories remain. Experienced many cultures.

But also seen the challenges of settling a family. Adjusting every time requires a lot of energy and time.